Student participants

We can offer you a stay in the privately run student dormitory 5 minutes walk from the University.

Dormitories provide generally the same standard as the B&Bs, including access to Internet. The only disadvantage (there is no one to prepare the breakfast for you in the morning) is more than offset by the accommodation price. Pricing should be about 4300 CZK per room for the whole period of 11 nights for a single room and 6600 CZK per double room.

Other participants

We can book the accommodation for you in quiet, nice bed-and-breakfast houses near the University (10 to 15 minutes walk to lecture room). We have been offering these B&Bs in the past twelve years and the participants were overall satisfied with their service and price. Most (but not all) houses are equipped with WiFi network, all offer the possibility to wash your clothing at a very low price.

Expected pricing (not yet confirmed for 2018) is 8250 CZK (approx. 305 EUR) per single room, including breakfast, and the price for a shared (twin) room is 11000 CZK (approx. 410 EUR) per room, i.e. roughly 5500 CZK per person. These rates are for the whole duration of the course (11 nights) - not per one night!

Please note that in both accommodation types we offer just a booking - you will have to pay for it yourself before departure from Ceske Budejovice and in the case of dormitory, you should also confirm your booking by sending them an e-mail message. The price for accommodation is not included in your course fee.

We are sorry we cannot offer you an accommodation in a hotel: if you need this, you must arrange for it through your travel agent. But you should be aware that you will inconvenience yourself in doing so, as most of the participants will live closely to each other and most outdoor leisure activites we offer will start from their accommodation places!