There are two course rates: an early payment (to arrive to our account before 1st October 2018) and a normal payment (to arrive on 1st December 2018, at latest). Additionally, we provide discounted fee for students. They must, however, provide a certificate from their University confirming that they are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate full-time study program. Students with a full-time job cannot apply for student rates! Following prices are final, with VAT already included at the rate of 21%:


Early payment

(before 1st October 2018)

Normal payment

(before 2nd December 2018)

Students 15 000 CZK 24 000 CZK
Others 24 000 CZK 34 000 CZK

Cancellation Policy: If you decide to cancel your participation before the end of November 2018, we will return 90% of the amount paid. We regret to be unable to return any money if you cancel after 30 November 2018!

The course fee covers printed course materials, light refreshment (coffee, tee, snacks) three times a day (during lecture days), cold lunch on Saturday, and the meal at farewell party. Neither the other meals, nor your accommodation are included: you must pay for these items separately!

Please do not send us money for accommodation, we only assist you with the booking, you must pay to your hosts. Additional information about the accommodation options is available on a separate page.

All prices are quoted in the local currency (Czech Crown, CZK). Present exchange rates are roughly 20 CZK for 1 USD, 25 CZK for 1 EUR and 30 CZK for 1 GBP.

Please pay with a credit/debit card! To do so, you will need to fill a form to be sent to our address, but first you must contact Petr Šmilauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for additional details!

The credit/debit card payment form shall be sent to the following address so it arrives before the respective deadline date:

Dr Petr Smilauer
Faculty of Science
University of South Bohemia
Branisovska 1760
370 05 Ceske Budejovice
Czech Republic