Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data using CANOCO

Jan Lepš & Petr Šmilauer

Cambridge University Press, June 2003
ISBN 0521891086 (paperback) and 052181409X (hardback)

This page provides support for our book published by the Cambridge University Press, offering data sets and project files for the analyses discussed in the book, additional comments, errata, etc.
This book started as study materials for our international course on multivariate analysis that we teach regularly here in Ceske Budejovice.


We offer the datasets in two forms:

(1) As a single PKZIP file, containing individual files arranged into subdirectories corresponding to individual book chapters

(2) As individual PKZIP files for each of the chapters:
Chapter 3 (Basics of gradient analysis)
Chapter 5 (Constrained ordination and permutation tests)
Chapter 6 (Similarity measures)
Chapter 7 (Classification methods)
Chapter 8 (Regression methods)
Chapter 11 (Case Study 1: Variation in forest bird assemblages)
Chapter 12 (Case Study 2: Search for community composition patterns...)
Chapter 13 (Case Study 3: Separating the effects of explanatory variables)
Chapter 14 (Case Study 4: Evaluation of epxeriments in randomized complete blocks)
Chapter 15 (Case Study 5: Analysis of repeated observations of species composition...)
Chapter 16 (Case Study 6: Hierarchical analysis of crayfish community variation)
Chapter 17 (Case Study 7: Differentiating two species and their hybrids with ...)



Preface, pg. x: replace name of Tomas Hajek with Michal Hajek.

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